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Fleeing Paradise

Featured Artwork by Amer Hanna Fatuhi

Amer Hanna Fatuhi, a well-known visual artist, has been featured on the covers of several national and international magazines and papers over the last two decades. One of his unique paintings, titled Fleeing Paradise, featured on the front cover of the Multicultural Review magazine, is the nearest and dearest to his heart. http://www.amerfatuhiart.com/article_The%20Concealed%20Gift%20of%20Our%20Society.html
This remarkable painting that depicts the artist’s ordeal of escaping the secret police’ detentions and torture and fleeing his homeland looking for a new home of hope is considered a masterpiece by many art critics.
Since 1988 Fatuhi, a scholar in visual art and ancient Mesopotamian history started using pictograph symbols created thousands of years before the Cuneiform and the hieroglyphic writing systems.
This unique style successfully reflects his feelings and experience on canvas. What makes his artwork so powerful is the unique technique of mixing colors with layers of different elements to create an attractive texture that gives the audience a challenging mixed impression of beauty and brutality!

To learn more about his style, read the artist statement (Thinking Out of the Box) on his official website http://www.amerfatuhiart.com/Statement.html


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Fleeing Paradise

Featured Artwork


Featured Artwork


Featured Artwork

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