Annie Salatyan - The Armenian Legacy Keeper

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Annie Salatyan

The Armenian Legacy Keeper

Like the prominent applied artist, Prof. Hana Pertu, artist and poet Annie Salatyan switched her artistic fascination to become one unique visual artist after decades of practicing applied art. What motivated her was a mix of the 1914-1923 Ottoman Genocide of one and a half million innocent civilian Armenians, 350,000 Pontic Greeks, and over half a million Mesopotamian Chaldeans besides the Syriacs of Syria who were annihilated by the Ottoman military forces called the Sayfo Genocide. Annie was also motivated by the bravery and sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price to keep the humanity cultural torch going on. In addition to her genuine love toward her ancestors' deep and rich heritage that goes back more than 15000 BC.  

Annie spent years studying her Armenian/Mesopotamian roots to develop a unique style that artistically uses Mesrop Mashtots' Armenian Alphabet to create a postmodernism artwork. By doing that, Annie has exceeded many Armenian artists who used the Armenian Alphabet as an accessory or decorative touch to become the one and the only artist using the Armenian Alphabet as the subject and the foundation of the art composition.

Annie's excellent technique is based on combining mixed media with multiple layers of colors and other needed textures to construct an outstanding artistic influence is another story!
It is also worth noting that despite Annie's leap from applied art to visual art, she is still using her friendly materials such as beads, strings, wool threads, shredded fabric, seashells, color glass, sawdust, sand, and more!

Amer Hanna Fatuhi, Ph.D.
Visual Artist, Art Critic, & Historian
Senior Art Director,

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Annie Salatyan - The Armenian Legacy Keeper

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