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After an extensive study, it became quite certain to us that the Art Market in the USA is missing one significant touch, the artworks of the Native Iraqi artists (Chaldean / Jews of Mesopotamia), the indigenous people of modern day Iraq. These prominent artists, who found a home of hope in the USA are in an indispensable need of a top of the line art gallery such as EA* (Studio and 3 Locations-Online Art Gallery), New York, Michigan and California.
Hence, on one hand, founding an art gallery with high qualities exemplified by (Mesopotamia) would inevitably substantiate a unique, deeply rooted distinguished cultural identity. On the other hand, it could be a significant source for furnishing our houses, offices, workplace, social, recreational and cultural centers with modern and traditional art works (paintings, sculptures, Ceramics, and Prints), Museum Replicas and illustrations, and handcrafts.
The notion of EA Studio and Art Gallery services (Actual displaying locations and online sale) is to embrace high profile Native Iraqi artists. In addition to that, there are several other services offered by EA Art Gallery to all art lovers, fans and collectors, such as Art Classes and Workshops, Consulting Services that have to do with this matchless school of fine arts that is one of many factors that are considered the foundations of the Cradle of Civilization.
The major show rooms are run by the academic historian, prominent art critic and international visual artist Amer Hanna Fatuhi, as for paintings, sculpturing and learning studios, they are supervised by many renowned artists.
Hoping that, the traditional, modern, and post modernism visual art lovers and those who relish beauty of art in general will have one of a kind access to view and own magnificent art works & commercial arts.
Finally, we cordially welcome you all.
If you would like to enjoy viewing, historic and modern art displays or to sign up in the upcoming adult Art Classes, kindly contact us.

*Why did we choose the name "EA"

EA in Babylonian mythology (Enki-Sumerian) is one of the three supreme gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon and the Middle Eastern culture. He resides in the ocean (Abzu) underneath earth, which was an important place in Mesopotamian cosmic geography.
The city of Babylon, the capital of the ancient world, was said to have been built on top of the Abzu.
EA was the patron of wisdom, magic word, healing, arts and crafts, and all other creative achievements of civilization. He also was the creator and protector of humanity in the Babylonian Flood myth Atra-hasīs and the Epic of Gilgameš.



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